February 09, 2011

Michael Young to the Cards? At what price? Schumaker?

Sure, I'm interested.

Michael Young says he won't waive his eight-team restriction on trades. But the Cards are among those eight teams. Would they entertain getting him to move to 2B and then making Skip Schumaker part of what's traded back? But, as Steve Henson notes, even if the Rangers eat part of Young's contract, the Cards may be reluctant to do such a trade until they determine they can't sign Albert Pujols.

And, if Pujols is gone, Young could move to !B instead of Lance Berkman.

Ken Rosenthal has more on where Young-Rangers issues stand.

Anyway, I think Skip can still be an above-average, if not necessarily great, defensive outfielder. He'd fit well with the Rangers. Could be a win-win, if this deal came off.

Now, who else the stRangers might want, or the Cards might need to include, I'm not sure. Actually, if Texas thinks Berkman at $8M for one year is worth more than the not-resigned Vladimir Guerrero at the same price now in Baltimore, Fat Elvis plus Skip for Young might be doable.

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