SocraticGadfly: More John Wiley Price hackery - Bruce Sherbet

January 27, 2011

More John Wiley Price hackery - Bruce Sherbet

Or, why I wouldn't have voted for Clay Jenkins for Dallas County Judge last November if I still lived in the Metroplex.

Shock me! But, it looks like JWP has shoved out of office long-serving, well-qualified and highly competent Dallas County Elections Official Bruce Sherbet.

Here's the Dallas Observer's nut graf:
Speculation among long-time observers of Dallas County politics is that Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price is behind this in an effort to replace Sherbet with one of his own people. He refused to give The News a comment about Sherbet's job performance this morning. When I called his office this morning, Price's assistant said, "He doesn't deal with the Observer, so I doubt you'll get a call back." At which point, she hung up. A message has also been left with Jenkins.
Of course "he doesn't deal with the Observer." It asks tougher questions than does the Morning Snooze.

County Commissioner Mike Cantrell says:
"If Bruce is taken out, it would be a travesty."
An even bigger travesty will be the person JWP gets to replace him.

Wait for it ... wait for it ... wait for it ...

Former ousted-in-disgrace Lancaster ISD Superintendent Larry Lewis, maybe?

Doorknob, I'm evil at times.

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