SocraticGadfly: Joe Strauss sucks up to Cards management

January 09, 2011

Joe Strauss sucks up to Cards management

I just "looove" this opening line from Joe Straus' new column on St. Louis Cardinals' contract talks with Albert Pujols:
The Cardinals have wasted little time addressing their most pressing New Year's resolution: tying up Albert Pujols.

Wasted little time?????

They've wasted time, at least, since the end of the World Series. Arguably, they've wasted time for a full year, since they heard first rumors about Ryan Howard signing a new contract with the Phillies. Certainly, after that got done, the Cards have dallied. They had January-February of last year, and did nothing.

I think Joe is only going to continue to be a suck-up in weeks ahead. That said, don't forget my poll: If Pujols does leave, where's he land?

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