SocraticGadfly: Behind Pakistan floods, is water shortages

August 16, 2010

Behind Pakistan floods, is water shortages

I had no idea it was so bad that the Indus River, like the Colorado, no longer even makes it to sea because it's so overappropriated.

That said, instead of just passing out dam building advice, the Obama Administration should also be passing out birth control advice. (As we should be doing in Iraq, Mexico, Guatemala and all sorts of other places. And India — especially since the Hindu Nationalist Party still seems to have this idea of "winning" a population race with China.)

If Pakistan's population is expected to increase by 50 million in just a decade, NOTHING is more important than preaching birth control, and providing pills, condoms, diaphragms and anything else. In fact, in such cases, we ought to require that birth control goes along with other foreign aid.

Question, though: Does Obama have guts enough to even suggest that?

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