SocraticGadfly: Or, for a third Obama 100 days take, a gentler one

April 30, 2009

Or, for a third Obama 100 days take, a gentler one

At The Nation, Katrina vanden Heuvel says his meeting April 28 with the Congressional Progressive Caucus bodes well for the future.
“It was a serious meeting,” CPC Co-Chair Rep. Raul Grijalva said. “It moved quickly, there was a lot of candor from both sides.”

Ahh, Katrina, you know better.

“Serious” is one of the Beltway’s biggest weasel code words.

Besides, immediately after that quote, Grijalva lists a whole number of the caucus’ concerns, starting with healthcare, Iraq and Af-Pak:
“We’ll be revisiting this decision (of more militarization of policy) every week, every month.”

Talk doesn’t mean action, except in vanden Heuvel’s mind:
In the past, Caucus members have had a hard time doing their politics together. This afternoon's meeting with President Obama may signal a new unity that bodes well for the tough fights ahead.

Geez o pete, get a clue.

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