March 03, 2009

Bobbsey twins put cap on Obama stimulus

Which raises the question, can the Bobbsey twins, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Team Obama economic czar Larry Summers, save the economy?

Paul Krugman might have more reason to say No.

The WaPost has a semi-puff job piece on the two

Among the most interesting tidbits?

Despite the GOP, on the one hand, saying that FDR made the Depression worse, and Paul Krugman on the other hand saying the Obama stimulus is too small, Summers-Geithner have led the “budget hawk” fight inside Team Obama.
Meeting in January on the eighth floor of the transition team's office in downtown Washington, Geithner pressed the incoming president to commit to cutting the deficit to 3 percent of the economy over the next five years, which would keep the nation's debt roughly in line with normal economic growth. Summers quickly backed him.

Well, just as the current economic clusterfuck is putting paid to traditional conservativism, even thought the GOP doesn’t see itself as a fish just shot in a barrel, if the two-headed Summers-Geithner monster is wrong, neoliberalism is dead, too.

But, due to the two-party duopoly, it’s going to be hard to clear the two corpses out of the way.

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