SocraticGadfly: My Inaugural Address take – B/B-minus, I think?

January 20, 2009

My Inaugural Address take – B/B-minus, I think?

Sad that Obama, in talking about “storm clouds, first talks about the so-called “War on Terror.” Tenor of later comments on this line sound way too Bushie for me.

Don’t care for half-blind paean to “the market.”

Says it’s a “false choice” to be forced to choose between safety and ideals. Sounds good, but, that FISA vote last summer.

Good on stressing importance of science.

Bit defensive in his “critics say…” comment.

Cadence, delivery, etc.? Straight B or a bit below. Sounded rushed and nervous in first half of speech. Sounded too Tele PrompTered throughout.

That said, did I tear up a bit at the swearing in? Yes. As well as laughed at Chief Justice Roberts mangling the oath administration.

And, I’ll pass on poet Elizabeth Alexander. A crappy poem by someone who has no sense of cadence and meter for reading poems out loud.

Full address here.

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