September 04, 2008

McCain speaks!

Then, he rolls over and plays dead!

(After that, he did “Stupid Republican Tricks.”)

God, the enthusiasm level!

About the right level for a 72-year-old has-been reading his own political obituary. And, in a convention hall that STILL is not a sellout.

The title of the convention DVD, of course, is "Dead Man Talking."

(I was right in my advance speculation Thursday afternoon, when the “town hall” style speech was announced — which it was not. McCain was trying to paper over his speaking weaknesses. But, by speaking this long, he probably exacerbated them, if anything. At least Rudy was a more dynamic bloviator.)

More seriously, I don't know when I've last heard a mix of platitudes, bromides and, "I was a POW."

Beyond that, isn't it interesting that talk about "fighting" gets the biggest applause? Warmongering schmuck.

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