September 05, 2008

Does Obama-Biden still agree with Uncle Fester?

Do you want to go to war over Georgia?

That is, are they still in Cold Warrior mode over Georgia in NATO?

Uncle Fester says we’re still “fully committed” to this clusterfucked idea.

I doubt we’ll hear anything but the Two-Party Duopoly, i.e., Bipartisan Foreign Policy Establishment, party line out of the Obama-Biden campaign on this baby.

My pull quote at the top is the bottom line. Because we want to route an oil pipeline from the Trans-Caspian “Stans” around Russia’s border to the Black Sea, do you want to risk going to war?

Wouldn’t that be, ahem, War for Oil?

Isn’t that what Obama, especially, has criticized Bush about for years?

Answers, of course, are Yes and Yes.

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