SocraticGadfly: Starbucks feedback is good idea

April 09, 2008

Starbucks feedback is good idea

Yes, critics may call the idea stale, but Howard Schultz’s idea of getting direct feedback from the public, via MyStarbucksIdea, as smart business. Schultz built and grew Starbucks on the idea of community, and that’s what the website does. And some observers agree:
Most brands do not put out a welcome mat for feedback,” said Pete Blackshaw, executive vice president of strategic services for the market research firm Nielsen Online. “Generally feedback is viewed as a cost of doing business rather than an opportunity. Starbucks is saying this is an opportunity.”

As for specific changes, I’d love a dime a cup off mine for bringing my own mug or thermal cup, for example. A punch card for frequent visitors? Yes. And, because you have to sign in to list ideas or vote.

And, since you have to sign in to vote on the site, it’s a way for Starbucks to market to you. Since 100,000 other people have already listed ideas, I didn’t think I needed to add to the list.

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