SocraticGadfly: Thanks for the calls

December 30, 2006

Thanks for the calls

To those who have called me so far, I do appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

It is my hope that your Journalistic talents and gifts have been, and will continue to be used in the most professional manner, and that your pursuits have been an honest search for the truth, and the betterment of the community, of whatever size represented. You have shown yourself to be quite literate, and insightfull, and full of the tenacity that your profession requires. When it comes to the sources of your stories and observations, it is your responsibility to ask the question "Quo Bene" or who benefits from the information you have chosen to publish. I know you remember the transformation of the sheep and the dogs towards the end of the book "Animal Farm" when their talents were redirected to serve the desires of the pigs, and not the farm animals as a whole. The Second Estate encourages the use of the press when it can be controlled and focused on issues that serve them. The term "Yellow Jounalism" was created by establishment papers when Pullitzer and Hearst began writing stories about tenements and worker safety - areas that the wealthy WASPs considered just a way of doing business. (blankets to the indians)

I hope that your relocation works well for you. hopefully the local members of the Antebellum sect will vouchsafe for you so that you will not be place in societal isolation, nor required to "eat worms" to be among the accepted "shall rise again" members. Being able to wear those neat stars and bars cufflinks openly should be a bit of a relief.

Is it true that the "good comunities" of plano and frisco where I assume very few "ballon mortgage zero down" housebuyers are found, hold some of the nation's highest house default rates? Oh, but they are of the proper genetic order to be spared your terrible swift sword of condemnation and ridicule.

In any case, Mr.Gadfly, "you bagged your trophy, but revenge, whether served hot or cold, often gives the server himself indigestion. (Of course, recognizing that fact requires some degree of self-awareness.)"

"May you live in interesting times, and attract the attention of important people" Oops, looks like you have already done that.

Gadfly said...

I try not to care too much for the attention of important people and try to worry less about it as I get older.

A combination of the teachings of Buddhism and of the philosophical school of Cynicism (not the modern psychological trait) helps.

I have no idea what the "stars and bars cufflinks" comment is about. Given my view of most things military, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing any such thing.

As far as "proper genetic order," I DO have an idea of what that means. I'm sure that Lancaster will have more and more Hispanics as well as African-Americans buying houses in the future, and defaulting, just as do white folks in Plano.

Wherever one lives and whatever one's racial background, it's simply a question of living beyond one's means. However, down here, the snake oil that lies behind a zero-down mortgage only exacerbates the problem.

Home ownership isn't everything it's cracked up to be, anyway, IMO.

Now, the big issues.

First, who benefits from what I've written about problems at the high school?

1. The taxpaying public, who have the right to demand accountability of the school district in general, Superintendent Lewis in particular, Gallagher, Corgan, etc.

2. As for putting heads on the walls as trophies, I clearly said in my last editorial that the construction problems were Gallagher and/or Corgan. If Lewis wants to defend them, or otherwise personalize the issue, that's his business and his problem.

I'm by no means the only person in this city who has noted his tendency to personalize issues. From what I read about his time in Austin, it's not new in his personality, either, IMO.

firelarrylewis said...

fyi stars and bars refers to the confederate flag. You should lighten up and not insult the people of Lancaster. Anything you can do to help bring down Larry Lewis and his pocket sized board of trustees will be appreciated.