SocraticGadfly: A Lancaster Today last will and testament on an LISD open records request

December 29, 2006

A Lancaster Today last will and testament on an LISD open records request

Anybody who wants to has my permission to pick up the information to whatever answers the district provides to my follow-up request on thefts at the new Lancaster High School.

1. Construction manager Elvin Lotten said in response to the Nov. 10, 2006 open records request: “Installation of the specified key cores was not performed by LISD staff.”
So, it was performed by some subcontractor under the supervision of Gallagher?
Who was this subcontractor?

2. When was this work supposed to be done?

3. If installation of the original set of cores did not start until after the start of the school year, were teachers aware of what was and was not secure?

4. When did the original, incorrect cores arrive?

5. When did work on installation begin?

6. When was it noticed that the cores were incorrect?

7. How long did it take to order a second set of cores?

8. Were they (teachers) updated as to the situation after you realized that the original set of cores was incorrect?

And, here is another one, not yet submitted, that is free game for whoever wants to file:

1. Total number of staff directly involved with the International Baccalaureate program (hereafter referred to as IB). If staff person’s primary job, or more than one-half time, is devoted to IB, such as a coordinator, please provide name and title, as well as salary.

2. Number of trips for training and other purposes made by Lancaster School District staff to IB events.

3. Number of staff attending each trip.

4. Total travel cost to the district for each trip.

5. Number of days of each trip.

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