SocraticGadfly: Abortion sanctuary city lies by Mark Lee Dickson et al

June 14, 2024

Abortion sanctuary city lies by Mark Lee Dickson et al

These lies by any fundagelical Protestant Christian, or Catholic or Orthodox equivalent, done willfully and knowingly (and yes, they're knowingly) are a violation of the Eighth Commandment.

AND, this is more egregious since Mark Lee Dickson is a Protestant pastor of whatever damnation, or non-damnational independent church he has.

Let's dive in with the lies that Dickson presents at a typical small-town governmental meeting.

First, he claims Biden administration supports abortion any time, any reason. 

Lie: Majority of national elected Democrats, including Biden when in the Senate, supported the Hyde Amendment. In addition,  presidents have repeatedly taken a pass on codifying Roe. 

Claim: “Biden Administration committed to abortion access in every zip code.” 

Lie: See above. 

Then he'll likely mention George Soros. 

Lie: Soros has never indicated abortion is a primary focus. 

Dickson will then claim the power of these ordinances could cross state lines, that an abortion provider in Kansas or New Mexico would be afraid of Texas lawsuits. 

Doubt it. Look at the folks in Washington state telling Paxton to go fuck himself on transgender and transsexual treatment records. And, a Texas district court upheld. (Some state appellate court could overturn, yes.) And, on New Mexico, we're still waiting for the state Supreme Court to rule whether or not the state can outlaw local sanctuary city ordinances. They're sure taking their sweet time.

Not a lie, but a reference to a liar?

Dickson claims Abby Johnson among supporters.

Fact: Nutbar alert! And a liar herself. And, like most such liars, a big old grifter off of it too.

The big lie is either actual misinformation or misframing of what these people say about human reproductive biology.

A canard, rather than a straight-up lie, is the suits against transportation of fetal remains. Did not the Texas Lege pass, and Abbott sign, a bill requiring burial of fetal remains inside Tex-ass? Shouldn't the concerned pro-lifers want other fetal remains to get a burial, too?

And, the biggest lie of all is the self-brainwashing behind this.

Beyond all this? 

What I would ultimately like to see is what it was talked about some librul states might do after SB8 was passed. Gun control was mentioned, but it would be hard to do a lawsuit enforcement on that.

What would not be so hard to do is, in an anti-death penalty state, allow citizens to sue over:

  • any chemical used in lethal injections being transported through the state;
  • any citizen of that state driving to a state execution in another state, or a citizen of another state driving through that state for one;
  • any steel, concrete, etc., for a lethal injection room being created in that state or transported through it;
  • and anything else like that which I am missing.

Mark Lee Dixon isn't a Catholic, but the residents and civic leaders of Catholic-heavy small towns are. And, I know what the Church teaches about the death penalty, and I know there's a lot of conservative cafeteria Catholics out there. Run into them, high hypocrisy levels and all, on Twitter.


Per the Trib, the pair has also meddled in New Mexico. The New Mexico Supreme Court temporarily blocked such laws when it got the case last December but has yet to issue a permanent ruling. 

Also per the Trib, the city of Clarendon told him to go fuck off.

Meanwhile, his co-thug, Jonathan Mitchell, has scared people, on issues related to this, but the former state solicitor general has yet to garner a single deposition.

And, per Mimi Swartz at the Monthly, there's payment shenanigans between Mitchell and Dickson on fees for a lawsuit he won for Dickson. Bottom line is it looks like Dickson is doing the moral equivalent of money laundering.


Amarillo has continued to punt, though may consider it again June 11. The constitutionally untenable travel ban is why. And, it officially said no on June 11; Mark's Minions are now trying to decide whether to gather signatures for a referendum.

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