SocraticGadfly: Texas Progressives talk guns, lies, killings

May 22, 2024

Texas Progressives talk guns, lies, killings

Greg Abbott "hearts" murderers. #fify on the header, Trib. The Monthly has more. I had nuanced thoughts at the time Perry was arrested, including on the issue of guns in general and Garrett Foster's carrying of his, whether or not it was ever pointed at Perry.

Trump, Abbott lie at NRA convention. Again, #fify on the header, Trib. 

Republicans aren't trying to flip Henry Cuellar's seat because, as the Trib showed in the body text, without using the exact words, "he's a useful tool." 

Semi-Bushie Mat Mackowiak is joining a crowded field to replace Matt Rinaldi as state GOP chair. Best of luck.

The Lege continues to browbeat universities on DEI.

A reminder that Gaza and Atlanta's Cop City are closely tied.

Off the Kuff had some math-related thoughts about the judge's decision to throw out a 2022 Harris County judicial election. 

Speaking of, Kuff still can't talk about the thuggish repression here in Tex-ass of pro-Palestinian protestors at Texas public universities, but CAN talk about Ernie Johnson helping a bar mitzvah.

SocraticGadfly dropped Part 1 andPart 2 about presidential debate fraudulency of last week.

RIP Dabney Coleman, per this Monthly profile

RIP Putin flak Russell Bentley, also in the Monthly.

Neil at the Houston Democracy Project noted the death of the kind & effective Galveston activist Roxy Williamson.  

Jason Stanford dives into Mike Hixenbaugh's new book about "objective" journalism. 

Deece Eckstein eulogizes the Rev. Bill Lawson. 

The TSTA Blog keeps reminding us that Greg Abbott is the root cause of all the school district budget cuts.  

Kimberly Mata-Rubio will never stop fighting for her daughter Lexi or any of the other children who were murdered at Robb Elementary.

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