SocraticGadfly: No, Paxton didn't make Beto lose, as #BlueAnon Texas Dems start their own Russiagate

June 02, 2023

No, Paxton didn't make Beto lose, as #BlueAnon Texas Dems start their own Russiagate

With Texas AG Ken Paxton's impeachment last week Tex-ass Blue Anon mouth breathers have been claiming that he caused massive vote suppression causing R(ump) F(uck)? "Beto" O'Rourke to lose his race for governor to Strangeabbott, aka Greg Abbott.


First, Kenny Boy did no such massive vote suppression. The state did, in the case of Harris County and some other urban counties, get some restrictions on early voting remote ballot drop-offs. In other cases, most notably Harris, the county itself had shut some polling places before the general.

Related? Kenny Boy is too incompetent to pull off real vote supression.

As for the reality?

Beto beat Beto.

First, his 2020 prez run statements, especially on gunz, then on the environment (even as he continued taking slick oil money before his quick dropout) came back to haunt him, as anybody with a brain knew it would.

Second, his lunacy of going out to Muleshoe instead of concentrating on suburbs and exurbs not only cost himself votes, but probably cost Dems a chance of winning the Tarrant County Judge race.

Third, those non-voters aren't sekret Dems, and, even if they were, county chairs  in counties much larger than Muleshoe's Bailey County — think places like Bonham's Fannin County or Gainesville's Cooke County — have ZERO get out the vote effort or organization. Beto may not admit it, but half the reason statewide Dems like him go to those places is to "stroke" these useless as tits on a boar hog county chairs and keep them involved with the state party. I mean, even the executive officer for "Skipper" Gilberto Hinojosa of the SS Minnow admitted last November that their GOTV vote sucked.

Speaking of, Texas Dems, lemme know when you fire the Skipper. And,try getting a better alternative than Kim Olson; 2022 didn't work, maybe in part because too many Texas Dems are still too invested in Hinojosa. For whatever reason. Any easy facilitation of denialism, maybe?

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