SocraticGadfly: I await Trumpy's 2024 run

February 11, 2023

I await Trumpy's 2024 run

Politico, magazine version, says many Republican donors and leaders are actively working against him.

So, where's the fun part?

Trump making claims about "rigged elections," then calling for #StopTheSteal which is actually, of course, #StartTheSteal, when he can't win primaries.

Rethug thought leaders' concerns are real. (Not that Trump's ex-Mini Me, Florida Man Ron DeSatan, is all that and a bag of WHITE corn chips.) They're worried that Trump will again get the nomination while only getting a plurality of votes, but a majority of delegates due to the way GOP primaries are structured, in the process.

Apparently neither restructuring the primaries so that, say, a non-majoritarian winner of a primary doesn't get bonus delegates, nor going the Dems' route of superdelegates, has crossed their minds.

Meanwhile, these putative solons have talked to the likes of Nictating Nikki Haley, Pompous Mike Pompeo and Apprehensive or Pensive Mike Pence and that they allegedly "get it" about not being a spoiler. Well, gee, that's four other candidates, counting Florida Man. Seems like all of them are expecting everybody else to not be the spoiler.

It's also interesting that DeSatan isn't mentioned until more than halfway through the piece. It's as if the solon-oids are either already presuming him the best alternative to Trump, or even more than the others mentioned above, assuming he's not going to listen anyway.

Also interesting is that old Reagan consultant Stu Spencer, in talking to Peggy Nooners about Biden's STFU speech to Congress, claims Trump 2016 was "unbeatable." Not totally. Nooners' own take on the speech is that it was "Trumpian." She also notes the likes of MTG hurt the party just like Trumpy. Spencer goes on to talk about how Kamala is a Cop remains a boat anchor for Warmonger Joe.

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