SocraticGadfly: Texas Progressives talk Trump, 1A, COVID, ERCOT, border

January 12, 2023

Texas Progressives talk Trump, 1A, COVID, ERCOT, border

Here from Tex-ass, John Anthony Castro is suing to block Trump from running in 2024, over the Fourteenth Amendment and Trump being an insurrectionist. Two side notes: JAC is running himself in 2024, and he's a Republican.

The entire Fifth Circuit is meeting en banc to review a three-judge panel ruling on a HUGE case that has the First Amendment running head-on into qualified immunity for cops. In a blind hogs and acorns world, Donald C. Ho, a Trump appointee, authored the 2-1 ruling in her favor.

SocraticGadfly takes a skeptical look at the so-called People's CDC and some of the claims — and straight misinformation — about COVID that it's putting out. (NOTE: This is NOT COVID denialist/minimalist misinfo; rather, it's from the "other side.") 

Off the Kuff took another look at how statewide races played out in Harris County.  

Border/Lines takes a deep dive into Immigration Joe's push to EXPAND Title 42. More at Counterpunch.

The state Supremes are hearing arguments about whether or not ERCOT can be sued over Winter Storm Uri.

 Colin Strother offers some unsolicited advice to Kevin McCarthy.  

Texas 2036 previews the legislative session.

The Dallas Observer warns that there's already a "Don't Say Gay" bill in the pipeline.

Texas Monthly commends UT for firing men's basketball coach Chris Beard.

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