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November 10, 2022

Texas Progressives: non-election news

Anti-abortion people will stop at nothing. They used a shell company to buy the Whole Women's Health building in McAllen. WWH had already shut down in Texas after the Supremes overturned Roe. But, they didn't want to see their building go to anti-abortion people. Disgusting. (Off-putting a little bit, though not disgusting, is squabbles over name usage for pro-choice people doing a fundraiser to buy the site.

Meet the city of Corpus Christi, dumb enough to believe eXXXon and to believe the PR that desalinization was cheap, easy and scalable. Yet more at the Observer, working with Inside Climate News.

Suzanne Jones has gotten her job back at Collin College after a lawsuit settlement. She got much more money than her salary, though she will have to move on in 2025. She's the second instructor there to win a First Amendment suit. The problem is, especially the settlement not finding Collin at fault, President Neil Matkin, the wingnut behind the firings, stays in place.

Christofascist Tim Dunn IS Mr. Pink Slime. Shock me.

Texas' anti-BDS and anti-fossil fuel investment laws may be costing the state. (Sorry, Justin, but Glenn Hegar doesn't care, and people further to the right will use this to indulge JW-type martyrdom.)

Raise Your Hand Texas says vouchers hurt all students

Billy Binion reports on a bizarre legal case from Laredo, 2017, with big freedom of the press implications.


Outside of Tex-ass? BIG international geopolitical news. Chinese Maximum Leader Xi Jinping may visit the Saudis, per leaking by MBS' government. No word on the Chinese side. James Dorsey ponders the implications.

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