SocraticGadfly: Russia Ukraine week 18: The drip, drip, drip of Ukrainian ethical corruption

August 08, 2022

Russia Ukraine week 18: The drip, drip, drip of Ukrainian ethical corruption

As of late July, despite attempts to downplay it, and to downplay the concerns of Ukrainian-born Congresscritter Victoria Spartz, Warmonger Joe and the Nat-Sec Nutsacks™ are STILL concerned about Ukrainian corruption, AP reports.

Spartz's Wiki page details more of her concerns (as well as detailing she's a loose-cannon MAGA wingnut). But, contra Huckleberry J. Butchmeup and others, at least some of her concerns appear legit. 

Related to that, a House special panel, primarily of Foreign Affairs Committee members, that visited Ukraine deliberately didn't invite Spartz, but she invited herself, per a CNN story from Friday. Being uninvited, she had to pay her own way. Probably guaranteed to make her criticism more acerbic.

The CNN piece also has the nutsacks admitting Ukrainian corruption is still a problem. JCS head Gen. Mark Milley is among the admitters.

Warmongers in both parties are questioning where she gets some of her information. Maybe they should keep reading what I read, like ....


Meanwhile, another brouhaha erupted Friday when Amnesty International said Ukraine may be committing war crimes by deliberately stationing troops near hospitals, schools etc. And, the Ukrainian government got hugely offended. Plus, Amnesty's Ukraine office doubled-down on blank-check nationalism 110 percent, even to the point of defending the Ukrainian military's non-response to the Amnesty report.

NPR, in its story, says that it was able to confirm at least some of Amnesty's complaints.

More and more, the Nat-Sec Nutsacks™and the Ukrainian corrupt apparatchiks they defend remind me, per Pat Buchanan, of Zionists and their (also-Zionist) amen corner here in the US. Say ANYTHING bad about Ukraine or Israel and you get accused of either whataboutism (as you do if you mention Palestinians period) or false equivalennce.

And now, AI's Ukraine head, Oksana Pokalchuk, has resigned over that report. Shock me.

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