SocraticGadfly: Russia-Ukraine week 8B: The Squad's fraud, or let's just say the Fraud Squad?

May 05, 2022

Russia-Ukraine week 8B: The Squad's fraud, or let's just say the Fraud Squad?

Ilhan Omar, AOC, and the rest of the Squad are officially frauds. See this embedded Tweet on Omar's claims versus reality.

And, yes, the vote checks out. EVERY Democrat in the House voted for the euphemistic bill called the "Ukrainian Lend Lease Act."

Sadly, it's Xi Jinping Thought touter and Dictator Danny lover Max Blumenthal who did the gotcha at the tweet.

That said?

I'm not shocked that the Squad is the Fraud Squad and a bunch of nat-sec nutsack fellow travelers. To put it another way, like St. Bernard of Sanders, they're collectively Just.Another.Politician.™ in Just.Another.Political.Party™.

The real issue is that, for all their alleged revolutionary fervor, when the chips are down on bipartisan foreign policy establishment issues, none of them will buck party leadership. This may even include on foreign aid to Israel. Protestations of Palestinian support will be made, but direct votes against Israel are unlikely to happen.

On Twitter, I called out David Sirota and The Lever to talk about this. I also called them out to talk about how Nina Turner is actually anti-BDS, per Mondoweiss, and otherwise on Israel-Palestine issues, walks back half her allegedly pergressuve walk. Stand by for ... nothing, in all likelihood.

Again, though, it's not just the "Squad." NO House Democrat voted against it and NONE were absent. Even a Barbara Lee and a Sheila Jackson Lee voted in favor. (Saint Bernard voted for as well, as the Senate passed this as a voice vote amendment, per the full history.) Sadly, the 10 House Rethugs who opposed it are probably Tucker Carlson fellators rather than nuanced independent thinkers.

On the Democrat side, another way of putting it, per a blog post about week 7 of Russia-Ukraine war thoughts? NO Democrat will give peace talks a chance.

Of course, for all his callout of "Team Blue," Sirota IS Team Blue himself. He might puff Susan Sarandon on Twitter, but puff Jill Stein or Howie Hawkins? Not.A.Chance. And since, per that link, he thinks DSA Roseys are actual socialists, he'll never throw them under the bus. Also, Sirota doesn't talk a lot about foreign policy stuff (including BDS, I think, judging from Sirota likely being part of the effort to whitewash Bernie's record on BDS and Zionism), from what I see on Twitter, and when he does, he appears to keep one foot inside the bipartisan foreign policy establishment box. (Nor did he ever say much about Bernie not ever saying much about climate change.)


Besides wheat, the war is shorting sunflower oil globally, and badly. Late-stage capitalism is pushing a ramp-up in the highly problematic palm oil as a "solution." I've heard none of the Fraud Squad talk about this, or about how their voting for the arms bazaar, which Omar six weeks ago admitted it is, will only make this worse in all likelihood.


Both Nadal and Djokovic as individuals, as well as the WTA and ATP, have called out Wimbledon's Russia-cancelling. None of the Fraud Squad has condemned this.

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