SocraticGadfly: I call bullshit on Blue Anon Texas freeze & snowpocalypse claims

February 04, 2022

I call bullshit on Blue Anon Texas freeze & snowpocalypse claims

(Sidebar: It's certainly possible that not all the "gotcha" was from Blue Anon Democrats, or from Democrats, period.)

First, without posting or embedding any Tweets, already Wednesday, I was seeing Tweets of totally empty shelves. Bullshit!

I live up on the Red, where, in the eastern half of Texas, this baby hit the hardest. My Tom Thumb had lines a-plenty at 2 p.m. Wednedsay, and shelves were thin in some places, but none of them were empty. NONE. I walked to my Walmart at 7 p.m. yesterday, and no empty shelves. NONE.

It's just as much bullshit as when the MAGAts were Tweeting #EmptyShelvesBiden a month ago, and after the initial run on toilet paper in the early days of COVID, or in response to the Trump Train a month ago, #BlueAnon was tweeting #EmptyShelvesTrump.

Political Twitter is more and more a puerile cesspool that would be even more damaging than Hucksterman's Meta-Fuckbook if it were the same size.

Second, I am embedding a Tweet to call bullshit on its author, Nick Wagner.

The bullshit, which is shown more in a thread of which that is just one post?

I quote-tweeted, and linked to the San Antonio Report story for which he shot the photos. Lindsay Carnett's story did NOT go down the "Gotcha Abbott" angle. It noted more clearly that the weatherization was NOT limited to temporary enclosures and was not even limited to the power plant per se. It also noted that some of the weatherization was summerization, not winterization. (She didn't note, which I did in the quote Tweet, that ERCOT is supposed to set summerization standards this spring.)

As for the temporary part? People who live up north note that this is just fine for a short-term need. And, it's San Antonio, not the Red. As I also said in my quote Tweet, overnight lows there were predicted to stay well above 20 last night, and are again tonight.

Third? Blue Anon of course invoked the name of Robert Francis O'Rourke, aka Beto, when talking about Strangeabbott, power supply and of course the Railroad Commission.

They ignored, or are ignorant of, even though the Trib wrote about it, as did Splinter Mag working off David Sirota, that, as a Congresscritter, a 2018 Senate candidate and a 2020 Prez candidate, that Beto took himself some oil and gas money, too, including from execs, not just rank and file.

And, folks, things like this are why I remain ... not a Democrat!

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