SocraticGadfly: COVID, week 90B: Endemic Fauci, rapid test Status Quo Joe and more

December 28, 2021

COVID, week 90B: Endemic Fauci, rapid test Status Quo Joe and more

Anthony Fauci now admits that "deal with it" will probably be the end game on COVID. In other words, it will become endemic, but how severe it will be versus "just the flu" is still uncertain. He also says, so to speak, that Omicron will contribute to herd immunity. Wingnuts will love that. 

Status Quo Joe's words about getting us all inexpensive and easily available rapid test kits, or specifically, taking an initial pass on "free rapid tests for the holidays," are also coming back to bite him in the ass. See here for yet more. It seems that maybe Status Quo Joe fixated too much on a vax mandate without addressing other issues. And, to reference BlueAnon denialism, fixation can sometimes be a sign of .... And, see the ABC interview background here. Status Quo Joe, as part of that, said "the team" recommended against vax mandates to fly. Did Biden ever push that hard in the first place, knowing that airlines would fight back on that one?

(Remember, Vietnam helped sink two presidencies; Nixon's Watergate and Ellsberg break-ins were tied to it, so it wasn't just LBJ.)

SCOTUS will hear the challenge to Biden's vax mandate (actually, of course, a vax-or-test mandate) from the 6th Circuit on Jan. 7.

In Texas, as nationally, more people died of COVID this year than in 2020, per a Texas year in COVID roundup. Why Status Quo Joe made such stupid statements about Trump, that were so specific, when he was Veep to the Dear Leader who said "you can keep your doctor," is beyond me. Per the link, low vax rates in Texas add to the problem.

COVID kills kids. Sometimes painfully, as here in Texas.

"One virus to bind us all" is surely what antivaxxers will say about the Army developing one vaccine against not just COVID-19 but all current SARS viruses.

Walmart is limiting online sales of rapid reaction tests. The fact that people are hoarding shows the fear is there.

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