SocraticGadfly: Unnamed US intell: Lab leak at WIV likely

November 01, 2021

Unnamed US intell: Lab leak at WIV likely

Financial Times reports that an unnamed US intelligence agency is fingering a Wuhan Institute of Virology lab leak as the likely source of SARS-Cov-2, aka COVID. Nut graf:

According to the report, analysts at the unnamed agency believe the dangerous nature of the science being carried out at the Wuhan lab and the lack of safety precautions make it most likely that it is the source of the pandemic. ... 
The report said: “Although the [intelligence community] has no indications that WIV research involved Sars-Cov-2 [the virus that causes Covid-19] or a close progenitor virus, these analysts note that it is plausible that researchers may have unwittingly exposed themselves to the virus without sequencing it during experiments or sampling activities, possibly resulting in asymptomatic or mild infection.”

Well, I've been open to that consideration. So have some other liberals and leftists not on the #BlueAnon tribe.

That doesn't mean such a virus was deliberately engineered, either via gain of function research that was done on other viruses at WIV, let alone for nefarious purposes.

And, per the story, there will of course be no further cooperation from Beijing. 

Which means we need to stop cooperating on research with it. A number of people have cited the low biosecurity levels at WIV.

And, even if the gain of function research that NIH admitted to (and BlueAnon still claims it didn't) wasn't related to COVID, between this and French warnings about the lab, again, we need to stop cooperating.

That's even if this is a deliberate leak for larger national security reasons — the leak by the unnamed agency, that is.

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