SocraticGadfly: Texas GOP politics is officially in the ninth malebolge of hell as shown by the AG race

November 24, 2021

Texas GOP politics is officially in the ninth malebolge of hell as shown by the AG race

Yes, Dante would have fun with this one.

What else is there to say when Gohmert Pyle, after appearing to possibly chicken out, decided to enter the AG primary against Kenny Boy Paxton?

Let's not forget that Kenny Boy was ALREADY being primaried, not once, not twice, but thrice. 

One of the three already-in challengers is Land Commish Pee Bush. Pee, who basically kneecapped his own family of origin scrambling for the Trump endorsement, only to see Paxton get it, will surely have a fun Thanksgiving, especially if he visits either daddy Jeb! (would Jeb give him the back of his hand, and would it be a real hand or a fake political poster hand?) or Uncle Shrub. Pee faces further troubles with the in-state wingnut crowd for failure to sufficiently fellate the Alamo.

The second is book Nazi state Rep. Matt Krause, who may actually support Carroll ISD teaching alternatives to the Holocaust. Scratch that. He's running for Tarrant DA, along with his junior Rand Paul Squirrel Hair mop.

The third second is former Texas Supremes robe-wearer Eva Guzman.

Question the first: Is Gohmert Pyle going to try to get Trump to unendorse Paxton and back him instead?

Question the first, part two: If he asks, could it happen?

Question the second: Will Pee Bush break 10 percent in the primary? Will he avoid last place?

Question the third: Can Rethuglicans in the First District find somebody even more nucking futz than Louie CK (ClusterfucK)? Would former Fourth District Congresscritter John Ratcliffe consider parachuting into this race? Would someone like retiring state Legiscritter Chris Paddie throw his hat in the ring? Would a real nutter like Bob Hall jump in? (Hall's state senate district is not part of the First Congressional District, but, like Ratcliffe, for Congress, district residency isn't a requirement, and former Congresscritter Pete Sessions parachuted into a new district, did he not?)

Question the fourth: Why the fuck would you want to be Tex-ass AG instead of staying in Congress?

Question the fifth: Could the MAGAts ticket-splitting help Guzman get the nomination? On paper, especially if she looks halfway sane otherwise, it sounds like it. But? Other than Hispanic half-breed Pee, who had a family name, Tex-ass Rethuglicans have never nominated a Hispanic to run for statewide office. (We're not even speaking of the darker hues.)  Beyond that, for all the claims about how people want just good news on TV, want clean political races, etc.? It's bullshit, especially in a race like this.

Besides that, she already had relatively limited name recognition, and Gohmert in the race will only exacerbate that.

This race isn't yet Gohmert's to lose, but if he can get Trump to unendorse Paxton, it might be.

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