SocraticGadfly: Climate change issues in the news

October 27, 2021

Climate change issues in the news

Boston Review has a great piece on how nuclear power is a part of a successful transition from fossil fuels, but one that looks legitimate science and public health concerns square in the eye. That includes noting that uranium-based fission is itself NOT a long-term answer, and that thorium, like fusion, remains a will-o-the-wisp. Also looked at is how well, or not, long-term waste storage is working in places like Finland.

Once again, clearcutting, over-thinning and other US Forest Service "active fuel management" claims, recently repeated with the Dixie and Bootleg fires, does NOTHING to prevent them, and climate change will only underscore that.

Call it methane, not natural gas. That may help people reframe methane leaks in terms of climate science.

Much of Russia, especially the Far North, stands to benefit from climate change, at least in the short term. The Northeast Passage for global shipping is getting more use, and that means dying Russian Arctic cities may get new life, as shown in one case.

Not strictly climate change news, but ... California has started the process (but NOT complete or THAT near to it) of adopting the nation's most stringent setback rule on oil wells from residential areas.

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