SocraticGadfly: Glenn Greenwald really met David Miranda on a Brazilian beach?

June 09, 2021

Glenn Greenwald really met David Miranda on a Brazilian beach?

That's the story that Glennwald always tells, amirite?

That's what Wiki says on Miranda's page, also claiming that Glenn said they moved in together just a week after meeting. Color me skeptical.

But, per this great new website that's tracking Glenn's Internet presence, how do we know that Glenn and David didn't actually meet at some online, or in-person, meet-up for pornography directors and producers?

Per a subpage on that site, Master Notions, with links to Twitter threads like this, the "official Greenwald story" is almost surely wrong.

Glenn's background in the porn world, as noted as the site, is pretty well known. I was unaware of David's alleged background before this. (I say "alleged" just in case it's a different D. Miranda, but ...  also per that subpage, see this Twitter thread.)

Also exposed there? Glenn's claim that he stopped "producing blue" in 2004 would appear questionable.

But, what do you expect from a seeming serial liar who still lies about his support for the Iraq War (documented), and who can never admit a mistake even while actual journalists he shit-storms and backstabs correct their mistakes regularly?

Maybe then, per another link off that Master Notions, maybe you should expect the defender of Matt Hale to dress in Nazi kink for sexual perversion?

Per a main piece, that shit-storming and backstabbing comes from a Daily Beast piece written after Ken Silverstein started his multivolume takedown of Glennwald.

Some of it's in a WaPost piece that focuses on Glenn's lying about the Intercept.

Speaking of, the last piece in that series is now up. It's where the other links come from.

And, also speaking of? On Twitter about two weeks ago, I wondered if Glenn had made Brazil his semi-permanent domicile not because of gay marriage (which has been constitutionally approved here in the USofA since Obergefell anyway (now six years old and only two years later than Brazil's legalization), but because of some of his well-known previous tax issues in the US.

NOW, I wonder if, since his "producer timeline" looks hinky, if maybe, while not producing anything, he's got a backdoor ownership stake in something along with Miranda. (Of note, and showing its limitations with modern news and politics, which I've long known? Wiki doesn't mention anything about porn producing on either Glennwald's or Miranda's pages.) Anyway, tax issues and pornography production aren't mutually exclusive anyway.

Bookmark that link up top!

Some part of me feels kind of naive for not questioning this part of the Gospel according to Glenn earlier, but better late than never, amirite? I got more than halfway sucked in by Sully's nuttery on Trigg Palin, but escaped. I got a third of so of the way sucked in by two of the "stenos," Mark Ames and Yasha Levine, on some of their Russia stuff, but moved on. Maybe one-quarter of the way, if that, by Aaron Maté, and not at all by Max Blumenthal. The stenos all combined led me to wonder, with Assange's own gaslighting, "just maybe those emails were stolen," though never believing there was a conspiracy to kill Seth Rich for that. At the same time, kind of like Lincoln, I'm dogged once I start unraveling that skein of yarn. And, I'll gladly thank those higher up the Glenn Greenwald investigations food chain. And again, Twitter for things like this comes off as far more fun than Hucksterman.

Sidebar, just for the hell of it: Per this Out story, Greenwald, who one would think would be all about "personal responsibility," comes off as a titty-baby corporation suer while still at Wachtell.

I wish I knew his reaction to all of this, but:


Per others on those links above, I have no issues with pornography. It's with the serial lying and the framing that's behind it.

One final thought.

We all know the old cliché about not trusting some people when they tell you it's daytime outside, but instead going to the window and opening the curtains.

With people like Glenn, I've long had a "meta" version of that, or a version on steroids of that.

With people like them, I don't go to the window to open the curtains or blinds. Instead, I go to the door and walk outside, on the chance they've painted a picture of the sun on the windows.
Note: I of course blocked Glenn back. Not out of pettiness, but related to that same trust issue.

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