SocraticGadfly: Yes, high school grads, scores DO matter (new version)

May 22, 2021

Yes, high school grads, scores DO matter (new version)

Oy, we had one of those grad speakers at the largest school in my newspaper coverage area.

This tea-sipper (not an alum, but in the AD's department now) trotted out that hoary chestnut, complete with Ol Ball Coach types asking their players in the locker room at halftime what the score is, and they're "supposed to" say "0-0."

Look, Christian New Agey motivationalist, even Bill Belichick doesn't believe that bullshit. He says that a new season starts from 0-0; forget if you won last year's Super Bowl. But, AFAIK, he doesn't utter Christian-filtered or any sort of New Agey bullshit like this.

In an actual game, especially later in the game, the score matters indeed.

If the Hatriots are down two TDs with 5 minutes left, they're chucking longer passes. They're going for it on fourth down. That's whether Tom Brady of the past, Jimmy Garoppolo of trade dispute, Cam Newton of last year or whomever is taking snaps. Etc., etc. (Now, if it's the Pack and Matt LeFleur ignoring the existence of Aaron Rodgers, it's different.)

Ditto in the NBA.

If the Warriors or Lakers are down 20 with 3 minutes left, Steph or LeBron are chucking 3-balls then the scrubbeenies are fouling as needed on D. Ditto for KD or Kyrie if the Nets fall behind the Celtics in the playoffs ahead.

The score matters indeed.

And, it does in the game of life, too.

If you've got a marketing project due in 24 hours and you're behind schedule, telling your boss "the score is 0-0" will get you a good write-in, and if it happens again, a good shit-canning.

If you tell your spouse "the score is 0-0" when they say they want you to go to couples counseling, you'll get your ass divorced.

Reposted because, for whatever reason, although I'm sure I put in all the HTML info off Sports-Reference's linker tool for the two sports, the original only had KD and Kyrie linked.

The real advice for kids at graduation? Don't listen to the graduation speaker's bullshit.


Update, May 30, from two graduations this weekend.

First, kids? If you're the val, don't give a 10-minute speech, especially if you're speaking to a tiny private school where everybody already knows every anecdote. Especially don't do so when your mom is semi-top administrative staff and it looks like you're abusing the old "rank has its privileges."

Second, graduation is not only not a finish line, but school is not a career, from the second school I went to.

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