SocraticGadfly: I tackle the latest Betomania lead balloon

April 03, 2021

I tackle the latest Betomania lead balloon

So, Robert Francis O'Rourke ain't running against Strangeabbott. Probably a smart move in several ways.

First, he loses again, and he's now a three-time loser, not a two-time, counting his aborted and abortive 2020 prez primary run. Even Tricky Dick Nixon wouldn't beat that.

Second, he would lose again. No Trump on the ballot, Dems don't do as well in 2022 as in 2020. Plus, Strangebbott, even with the Abbott Blackout, isn't straight off loathsome the way Cancun / Havana Ted Cruz is.

Third, shock me that this is the usual Beto pandering. A subhed on the Snooze piece says that, after his initial comments, he added the word "currently" to his plans. The Trib offers more on the weaselly update.

Given the fact that he suggested alternatives by name in his original piece, it's clear that Rump Fuck O'Rourke's original statement was firm. He wasn't running and dear Dems, take one of these people instead.

THAT said, the ideas he had in mind were themselves semi-laughable. 

Lina Hidalgo and Clay Jenkins, as Harris and Dallas County judges, have a certain insider following, but aren't that well known statewide. Also, Hidalgo is in her first term. ALSO, county judges statewide come up for election in 2022, which means either one of them would have to leave their current office.

So, next option for Gilberto Hinojosa is, I guess, either finding a state Senatecritter who's tired of office or else a private bidnessman (Tony Sanchez 2.0?) with name recognition and suitable Dem chops. Exactly zero come to immediate mind, other than, if actors are businessmen, wing-waiting ConservaDem Matthew McConaughey. I've already given my take on him not once but twice, at least in passing both times.

Third option is hoping Abbott gets primaried from the right and loses.