SocraticGadfly: Kendall Scudder takes the mask off as a ConservaDem

March 29, 2021

Kendall Scudder takes the mask off as a ConservaDem

Beto ORourke

When I was living in Sulphur Springs and he stepped forward to run against Tinfoil Bob Hall for the state Senate, I said thought he was a nice guy, and decent.

BUT .... given that he, as pictured above, was ready, willing and able to ride the ConservaDem coattails of Robert Francis O'Rourke, I had my doubts about just how "progressive" he was.

And, per the header, the mask is off with him already openly touting ConservaDem (if that) Matthew McConaughey to run for gov against Strangeabbott in 2022. AND, as part of touting his true Texan bona fides, he BRAGS, Scudder does, of being a Dem with a concealed carry permit.

"Sorry," Scudder, but any Dem in an urban place like the Metromess who BRAGS about that doesn't have a "progressive" podcast.

AND, to bust your chops? When you spoke before a candidate forum in your state senate run ... teachers union regional group, a Dem-friendly group was that sponsored it ... you NEVER talked about gunz, let along bragged about a concealed carry permit.

In short, you were pandering for Dem votes and thus already three years ago were Just.Another.Politician if you didn't talk about gunz, let alone tout the idea of doing concealed carry, especially when many librulz, let alone leftists, were worried then about concealed carry and abhorred its expansion. (Said expansion included the 2015 Lege expanding concealed carry licenses to include open carry. Other nuttery has followed, such as gunz in college dorms.)

I assume his Armadilla Strategies, as a Tex-ass political consulting firm, works most with ConservaDems. As for his partner there, Lillian Salerno? The "about" at Armadilla puffs her 2018 run to be a Congresscritter. Ballotpedia has the reality. She barely beat out Republican Brett Shipp (sic) to go to the CD 32 runoff against Colin Allred, where she got her hat handed to her, after he took nearly 40 percent of the vote in a seven-person first round. I'm pretty sure it wasn't that she couldn't find a political organization with enough transparency, rather that no campaign consulting group with real skillz, and the money needed for them, was getting into that runoff. 

I also have little doubt that their Pod Bless Texas podcast promotes a ConservaDem version of Texas exceptionalism.

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