SocraticGadfly: Cards resign Yadi on safe one-year deal

February 08, 2021

Cards resign Yadi on safe one-year deal

After the Birds resigned Adam Wainwright with a healthy $8M to come back another year (Waino claims he had better offers from two other teams), and before opening the wallet to land Nolan Arenado, I think most of us Birds fans expected the Yadier Molina domino to fall and him to return as well.
The only possible sticking point? Yadi's desire for a 2-year deal.
Well, he is back, and per Derrick Goold via MLBTR, it is a one-year deal for $9M. Good all around. Including not blocking further development of Andrew Knizner after this season.
As I noted in my post about the Arenado signing, if a few other things play out, like Matt Carpenter not having his 2022 option vest, Dexter Fowler out of contract next year., the enigmatic, injury-challenged, Carlos Martinez surely being offered a $500K buyout after this year rather than the team picking up his $17M option unless he has a hell of a turnaround, and Andrew Miller not likely being back for 2022?

That would make Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt the only players on the team, right now, guaranteed to make more than $10 million in 2022.
That leaves them bucks to try to sign a few of their younger players into all of their arb years and maybe even some of their free agency.

The team might try a "sign-out" of his third year of arbitration plus free agency on Jack Flaherty, or more likely, if this year, his second and third arb years plus one year, maybe two, on FA. John Gant is the only third-year arbitration player in 2021. (Update: Flaherty won his arb case for this year; whether this increases or decreases any Cards' desire to do a "sign-out," and if it increases the team's desire, whether it increases or decreases Flaherty's interest, are all open questions.)

In other cases, even this isn't necessary. Paul DeJong is signed through at least 2023, and it's likely the team picks up both of his option years. Tommy Edman doesn't even clear his arb years until 2025. Goldy's signed through 2024, so, for better or for worse, the Cards' infield is definitely set for two years with Arenado, and if he opts in, for at least four, in all likelihood.
So, free agency?

Rumors have the Birds hunting Jake Odorizzi; if they want to push the roster above $170M this year, that's of course doable as, in paper, they'll be below $100M next year.

As for salary? I'd give him 3/$40, perhaps with innings pitched incentives, but nothing more. (That's about what Spotrac suggests.) They played it smart with Yadi and Waino, and they held off on Arenado. They need to not be stupid now.

James Paxton is now off the boards, so not much in the way of FA left. And, the price suggests that 3/$40 for Odorizzi is realistic.

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