SocraticGadfly: Texas Progressives watch Trump being RELENTLESS at losing; we also talk tacos, Fair Park

November 24, 2020

Texas Progressives watch Trump being RELENTLESS at losing; we also talk tacos, Fair Park

This progressive corner of the Texas Progressives wishes readers safe Thanksgiving travels if they're headed elsewhere, safe dining from COVID as well as bad cooking wherever they're at, and safe discussions if they're sharing the holiday space with wingnuts.

With that, let's dive into this week's roundup. We even talk cooking!

Texas politics

Former city manager of San Antonio Sheryl Sculley pulls back the curtain on just how bad police and fire unions in the Alamo City — and by extension in some ways, the whole state — simply suck. And, to add icing to the cake, re the unions angle? She's the daughter of a labor organizer.

As of last weekend, Kay Granger was the most prominent Texas Republican to tell Trump to move on.

Off the Kuff examined recent Presidential results in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas.

Raise Your Hand Texas prepares for the next fight over school finance at the Legislature.


Texas Monthly has a delicious food guide to all things taco! No listing of Thanksgiving-themed tacos or New Mexico "Christmas" themed ones. Sorry, can't give you everything.

The Mexicans are invading! Well, specifically, the crested caracara. One person reported seeing one recently at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, so Texas Monthly's report is confirmed.

DosCentavos writes about one of his favorite performers, Max Baca, of the Grammy winning Los Texmaniacs, who has been in a fight against COVID-19.


D Magazine talks with the architect who completed, authentically, the restoration of Fair Park's Hall of State.

And, high rises on Oak Lawn? Pass.

Jim Schutze seems to love him some charter schools and teaching to the test, as well as repeating winger stereotypes about lazy teachers and such.


New York AG Letitia James is taking a new look at tax deductions claimed by the Trump Org, including consulting payments to First Grifter Ivanka. The NYT has more.

Raffi Melkonian delivers a play-by-play account of Rudy Giuliani's day in Pennsylvania court.


SocraticGadfly had two pieces related to recent climate change news. First, does a new Norwegian-British study show the James Kunstler alarmist types might be right? Second, it appears we now have the measurement tools to implement a carbon tax PLUS carbon tariff, which must be a part of climate change control.

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