SocraticGadfly: Joe Biden should be thanking COVID on his knees

November 09, 2020

Joe Biden should be thanking COVID on his knees

To some dyed-in-the-wool Democrats, it may sound cynical to the point of being perverted.

But, it's not.

Skeptical? Certainly. NOT cynical. It's a skepticism based on facts.

This sobering reminder to Democrats. Had it not been for this tiny virus, thousands of times smaller than a human cell, Donald Trump would be serving a second term. How much that says about the enthusiasm of his base, how much it says about how weak of a candidate Biden was, and how much it says about other things will be pundit-ed out on the Interwebz for months to come.

But the basic fact is true, when one looks at how thin Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan were — if not for COVID, Trump remains president. 

Period and end of story.

That includes that, per this Politico mini-bio piece, if COVID hadn't intervened, Biden's anemic in-person crowds on the Democratic primary trail would have remained anemic — and visible — no matter the interventions of Harry Reid and Dear Leader Barack Obama.

Period and end of story.

When you know that Biden trailed Hillary Clinton among Blacks and Hispanics, and won working-class voters (no, they're not all white, and no, Bernie didn't say that, Sanders haters, but yes, he comes close to implying that at times, Sanders bromancers) by Overton Window shifting, he doesn't win without the coronavirus.

Period and end of story.

It's not the grace of god, as no such critter exists. Nor is it the luck of the Irish, as luck doesn't exist in a metaphorical sense and in a psychological sense, it's based on other legends, recency bias fallacies and more.

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