SocraticGadfly: Sinful anti-Romans 13 megachurches keep it up in California

July 26, 2020

Sinful anti-Romans 13 megachurches keep it up in California

California authorities have reportedly turned off power at Grace Community Church after its pastor,
sinful anti-Romans 13 rebel John MacArthur, decided he and the church would refuse to abide by Gov. Gavin Newsom's latest orders closing indoor worship. I tweeted to Newsom that he needed to start making some arrests. (This isn't the only church defying the order, just the most prominent.) Sorry for linking to wingnuts at the second link, but the "do not follow" command ensures no clicks.

Newsom has not closed churches, period, just indoor worship. This is stricter than his previous 25 percent ruling, which passed constitutional muster; an even stricter standard in Nevada also got the SCOTUS OK last week, on a tougher case.

On this issue, Roberts is clearly the court equivalent of a never Trumper.

Given that Newsom's being sued again, this will be back in court soon enough. That said, Roberts has indicated his willingness to defer to state executive authority. And, since Newsom cites specific scientific facts, such as confined, choir-type singing being a major coronavirus spreader, there's a good chance Newsom wins again.

As for the bible rebels? At the first link, I noted this IS about power and authority — but not for either Christ OR Caesar; rather, it's for megachurch pastors.

Besides, the MORMONS said months ago (via the church-owned Deseret News) that you Protestant megachurch pastors and members, all of Karens, were wrong.

And, of course, all the Karens mention protests, which aren't indoors, and otherwise have a "law and order for thee but not for me" stance.

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