SocraticGadfly: Dear Rhode Island Greens: Disband! Dear GP National: Why haven't you booted them?

July 31, 2020

Dear Rhode Island Greens: Disband!
Dear GP National: Why haven't you booted them?

Officially asking Howie Hawkins not to run, NOT because you're Howie-haters, but because you don't want ANY GP Prez candidate on the ballot, because, in a state Hillary Clinton won by 15 percentage points in 2016, you want to make sure Trump loses?


Risible even from a state party that, according to the GP national elections database, has run NOBODY for a single office in the past decade. (I've been told via Twitter the party has one downballot candidate this year. Might want to let the national folks know. You could maybe also put a "candidates" link on your website. I clicked "Greens in Action," thinking I'd find something there. Nope.)

BUT! On another webpage? I found out it HAS officially endorsed a Dem before.

It's possible a state like Wyoming hasn't done that either. But, Rhode Island tilts much further left, and second, within the past decade, I believe the Wyoming GP HAS run at least one non-presidential candidate.

This, even more than the Ohio GP for years being the grifting kingdom of Bob Fitrakis, is the problem with many state GPs in a nutshell.

And, it's a problem with the national GP, when a state party openly goes duopoly-stanning. This would never happen in the Libertarian Party, to the degree my eyes and ears are open to its doings.

Sadly, the national convention did nothing about this, even though the tweet was made, and the plan adopted, in May, well before the national convention.

But, it DID have serious background noise before the convention about expelling the Green Party, over a plank in this year's party platform that most people protesting it have likely not even read and that one former party presidential candidate heard adopted without in-person dissent.

But, we can't have the Georgia GP coming even close to a gender-critical feminist take on some issues.

BUT, we can have the Rhode Island GP saying "vote Biden" while neither the party steering committee nor Howie Hawkins talks about doing anything.

Bunch of fricking AccommoGreens, and not just at the RI party level. I think Howie himself has an AccommoGreen bone or two too many, and the way he treated the SPUSA nomination as a token or whatever he said about it makes me think that even more.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

Great advice. If you (the RI Green party) is merely an echo or a shadow of the Democrat party then be loud and be proud.