SocraticGadfly: Texas Progressives: Coronavirus, week 11

May 26, 2020

Texas Progressives: Coronavirus, week 11

Good piece here, as Tex-ass reopens more and more, what the risks are at various venues.

Grocery shopping, even as the Great Costco Mask War and other things took off last week, isn't that high of a risk, the expert says. The top four?
Family and friends parties. In other words, the backyard cookout or whatever, if you've got 20 people there. Why? IMO, it's because you're all close together on an extended basis, not momentarily, and you're saying to yourself "We're all family and friends."
Bars. Duh. Unhealthy anyway.
Theaters and sporting events. Also duh.
Churches and other religious events. #MAGA! #ThoughtsAndPrayers! #GodWillProvide!

Lowest risk, besides being outside hiking, walking, etc.
Grocery shopping, so chillax a bit. But don't get complacent. That said, the CDC itself now says that, outside of violating social distancing, grocery shopping is definitely low risk.
Mail service.
Dining outdoors, with appropriate social distance.
Just a bit above those? Beaches, but again, with social distancing, which lots o ppl don't want to do.

Here's a similar piece from NPR if you hit a BI paywall or Javascript on the first.

Finally, a note that Texas is among 24 states either with, or projected to have, a new "surge." That's from new Imperial College London modeling. (For MAGAs who scoff? Stop misrepresenting its initial study.)



I am shocked there is gambling going on in this Gov. Strangeabbott establishment. Abbott is letting antibody testing, which has a bad false positive rate even on the best tests, count as part of coronavirus testing, which is only really supposed to be based on tests for the presence of the virus itself. How soon before other Red State govs follow suit, if they're not doing it already, then get President Hydroxy to give it his blessing? Meanwhile, the state UNDERcounts active cases, mainly by prisoners in many counties who are infected not being counted.

Texas collegiate sports appear ON for the fall at the UT, A+M and Tech systems.

UIL is letting summer camps start June 8. Expect information for fall public school sports after its June 16-17 meetings.

Sanford Nowlin finds Greg Abbott fibbing about how Texas handles COVID testing data.

A Houston church has shut back down after its primary priest died and three other Redemptorists who serve the parish tested positive.


By wasting one week of time, in not getting social distancing started that much earlier, Trump may have helped kill 36,000 people.

Chris Wallace ripped Toady Birx to shreds Sunday. The one missing question? WHY is she a toady?

Ed Yong notes that the rate of growth of cases, and their sources, shows more and more an American patchwork.

Trump's Homeland Security folks are trying to accelerate deportation of children of Ill Eagles back to unsafe conditions. At the same time, for adults? A COVID explosion at an ICE detention center west of Abilene has infected 25 percent of detainees.

On closure of churches, in California, the Ninth Circuit has weighed in. Score? Gavin Newsom 1, Donald Trump ZERO.

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