SocraticGadfly: Check out the bobcats in South Texas

August 26, 2019

Check out the bobcats in South Texas

I first saw this piece in High Country News, which writes about the West, which does not include Texas. The piece appeared first in an online mag of the California Academy of Sciences, though, which I guess explains that.

It's a good piece about their resilience in the face of various threats. The photos are better displayed in High Country News, as a slider all at the top. But they're bigger in the webscroll at the second link.

First, I had no idea that bobcats could take down a young deer.

Second, as far as their resilience, versus the threats they face, I didn't know that they were seriously u hunted for their pelts. Disgusting.

Whichever link you click, go past the pictures to read the story.

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