February 06, 2019

TX Progressives take first peek at Texas Lege, Houston stupidities

The Texas Progressive Alliance would like to announce that it is not forming an exploratory committee to run for President, but it is bringing you this week's roundup.

Off the Kuff has been all over that bogus SOS advisory about alleged non-citizen voters.

Socratic Gadfly speculates on what White Castle selling veggie burgers has to say about the future of meat-eating and cattle-raising in Texas and elsewhere.

And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Jeff Balke points to the real issues with technology and privacy.

CultureMap Austin notes that the capital city is one of the biggest anti-vaccination hotspots in the country.

Better Texas Blog checks up on health care bills in the Lege.

Grits has some questions about that police raid in Houston that left two dead and five cops injured.

Paradise in Hell was not impressed by Greg Abbott's voter purge effort.

The Texas Observer shows that Texas Republicans don’t always hate California business ideas.

Jim Schutze has the latest shenanigans in the Dallas mayor’s race. (Sadly, another Schutze piece screws the pooch on the Houston drug raid.)

Environment Texas has an update on air pollution in the state.

As reported by Reuters, the Harris County GOP really screwed the pooch on Holocaust Remembrance Day, with a “Leftism kills” Facebook post.

Some freelance op-ed guy, a Houston PR flak for Haynes and Boone Roy Reynolds thinks Texas Dems need to keep their arms open for ConservaDems, and ignores people like Ralph Yarborough in state party history.

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