October 30, 2018

TX Progressives number-crunch early voting and more

The Texas Progressive Alliance urges everyone who has voted to work to get more people to the polls as it brings you this week's roundup.

Off the Kuff looks at the potential ticket-splitters in this year's election.

 SocraticGadfly does some number-crunching on the early voting surge and offers a quick hot take on what it might mean for the Cruz-O'Rourke Senate race.

Brains and Eggs takes a look at voting machine problems in early voting and ties this to state judicial court races and other issues.

 Stace at Dos Centavos reports on the weekend's voting and cultural activities in the Northside and The Heights.

NPR reports Kenny Boy Paxton, who shouldn't be using the word "fraud" anywhere but at his own trial, is doubling down on fake vote fraud claims.

The Texas Observer discusses Beto O'Rourke's work to turn out the black vote in Houston.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

The Dallas Observer reports that the family of Botham Jean is suing the city of Dallas in federal court.

The Texas Trib has a half-good story about the problems facing high-speed rail between Dallas and Houston. It's half-bad, though, in that it never mentions HSR backers are choosing the wrong route, and should be following Texas 6 from Houston to Waco, then I-35, rather than following I-45. (Brains and I are were having a back and forth on his version of the Wrangle. He's right that the current folks have this specific route set; I can still call a turkey a turkey, though. In addition, while I've criticized Cal's HSR plans for having too many stations too close, adding just one, for Waco, doesn't seem dumb, especially if you've got one already planning allegedly for College Station but actually 30 miles away, and also allegedly going to serve Sam Houston State and the rest of Huntsville. [One wonders who holds land near that area.] Beyond that, specifics of the Dallas and Houston terminals are dumb enough this project is going to be a turkey for those reasons too. More talk from me in the past here, and more from Brains here, in what may become will be a separate blog post, for a number of reasons. The latest on California's HSR building progress and setbacks here. )

David Bruce Collins contrasts liberals and radicals on borders. (And, this is why I call myself a skeptical leftist; I'm not a radical in wanting to abandon the nation-state idea with open borders, but I am definitely not a liberal, either.)

Sanford Nowlin reminds us that some Christians do support progressive ideas and politics.

The TSTA Blog begs teachers to support public education at the ballot box.

Rick Casey votes No on a license plate honoring Confederate soldiers.

YesNoBlog suggests we pay attention to the security of our GPS systems.

Paradise in Hell ranks Donald Trump's favorite dictators.

Out in SA warns of a threat to San Antonio's non-discrimination ordinance.

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