October 29, 2018

Dallas Snooze pulls twist on its "one Dem an election" endorsements

It's long been a joke based on reality among bloggers and other pundits in Texas anywhere left-of-center that the Dallas Morning News, oh, sorry, The Snooze as it capitalize the The as part of the title, endorses one Democrat a year in top of the ballot races to prove it's non-partisan.

Well, first, the GOP ticket this year is chock-full of nutbars. When Gov. Strangeabbott is made to look sane by Danny Goeb, trial-dodging indictee Kenny Boy Paxton and Jeebus Shot Sid Miller, you have a problem with endorsing just one Democrat.

But, what the Snooze gives with its right hand, it takes away with its left.

For example, like the Houston Chronic, again a surprise, it endorsed Beto Robert Francis Xavier Kennedy O'Rourke over Havana Ted Rafael Edward Cruz.

But here's the taking away with the left:
That is not to say that Cruz doesn’t arrive to this debate with a host of policy positions that we are deeply devoted to.  On economic policy, for example, we supported the president’s tax cuts that Cruz voted for. And we stand with Cruz in looking to remove federal regulations that stifle job creation.  Removing barriers to American employment and prosperity is itself an act of compassion.
As I tweeted to the Snooze and Snooze opinion accounts, does this mean you support the Trump deficits? Or, instead, do you believe that Reagan's trickle-down pony in the haystack, peeing on my leg, will make me richer?

And, do you also stupidly believe that a bunch of federal regulations is stifling job creation?

Actually, the lack of single-payer national health care is stifling real entrepreneurship.

Finally, the Snooze lies in claiming Beto isn't a ConservaDem.

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