July 10, 2018

TX Progressives roundup while waiting for Trump's SCOTUS Godot

The Texas Progressive Alliance wonders when Trump will start conscripting people into his trade war and some of its members wait to see how much Democrats will raise their Oh the SCOTUS cries against Greens and others as it brings you this week's roundup. (And that Go Dough is Brett Cavanaugh.)

Dos Centavos urges Democrats to not lose their nerve in the #AbolishICE debate.

John Coby calls out Dan Patrick's bad math on metal detectors.

Off the Kuff made more comparisons to 2014 on relative levels of enthusiasm and candidate fundraising.

Grits for Breakfast deplores Texas politicos’ hysteria about opiates when meth is the more serious problem in this state.

The Observer reruns the column Molly Ivins wrote in 1973 after the Roe v Wade decision was handed down.

Stepping outside politics and into world sports culture, SocraticGadfly suggests ways to either improve on the current shootout method or reduce them in World Cup games.

Jeff Balke laments the things that Houstonians do during floods even though they should really know better.

Paradise in Hell continues to be our foremost interpreter of Donald Trump.

Stephen Young calls Ken Paxton the state’s luckiest politician. Young now adds that Paxton worries Tex-ass could become a sanctuary state for abortions.

Staying at least three steps ahead of former Observer partner Robert Wilonsky, Jim Schutze says the Margaret McDermott Bridge faces more inspection issues — and a worst-case nightmare.

Vanessa Eichler argues that inadequate funding remains the biggest problem in Texas public education.

Equality Texas is bringing town hall meetings on the ramifications of the Masterpiece CakeshopSupreme Court decision to Dallas, Waco, San Antonio, and Houston next week.

David Bruce Collins says the Kimo Jiménez situation got overblown with incorrect info but eventually handled reasonably well, with the state party noting  Jiménez was not an actual member. He encourages people to get involved, at least a small bit, with the Green Party.

Bonddad talks about the GOP turning out its base.

March for our Lives, the gun control movement lead by Parkland school shooting survivors, visited Houston.

Brains and Eggs noted the Fourth of July fireworks hypocrisy that MAGA-heads must follow.

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