May 08, 2018

Texas Progressives salute Gov. Strangeabbott
hoist by his own Jade Helm petard

The Texas Progressive Alliance welcomes Gov. StrangeAbbott to Texas’ new McCarthyism. (Personally, I’m willing to help add extra material to Abbott’s own petard with the self-hoisting here.) And, C.D. Hooks and Justin Miller at the Texas Observer are piling on already. (This nuttery starts with former CIA and NSA head Michael Hayden. Nuff sed.)

As Brains notes, StrangeAbbott also got caught by Politifact in a lie about George Soros (who is too smart to burn money down here), as well as being played by Pajama Game Blake Farenthold.

And into the roundup!

At the Dallas Observer. Jim Schuetze looks in detail at the flip-flops by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and his good old boys about whether or not to privatize Fair Park.

Also at the Dallas Observer, on the national NRA convo, Stephen Young notes how NRA head Wayne LaPierre is selling dystopia, while Beth Rankin says not every Dallas restaurant was an NRA fan.

Brains and Eggs wrote about the upcoming Democratic gubernatorial runoff debate between Lupe Valdez and Andrew White. Yours trulyhas his own take.

RG Ratcliffe considers two very different local responses to our state's Confederate history.

Horwitz penned a column in the Houston Chronicle criticizing Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick and Justice Willett for getting HISD into this hole in which it now sits.

Off the Kuff interviewed the two Democratic candidates in the primary runoff for CD22, Letitia Plummer and Sri Kulkarni.

Neil at All People Have Value offered his response to the note left on his car regarding his Democratic Socialists of America bumper sticker.   

Robert Rivard calls on the Legislature to allow cities to collect taxes on "sharing economy" businesses.

SocraticGadfly also takes a break from politics to offer a salute to Astros nemesis and Rangers killer Albert Pujols on his 3,000-hit milestone.

Therese Odell finds the discussion about Michelle Wolf and the WHCA to be lacking.

Greg Jefferson recognized that the 2020 GOP convention was of no value to San Antonio.

Juanita wants to know why a Republican JP from Fort Worth got a much more lenient sentence for violating election laws than Crystal Mason did.

Stephen Young also talked to the Euless City Council candidate who had Rep. Jonathan Stickland peeing his pants in fear and loathing. Salman Bhojani, the man smeared by the former fetus, won his race.

The Rag Blog talks about the Rhapsody in Blue fundraiser.

Downwinders at Risk touts a cleaner air fundraiser for Dallas’ Joppa Town.

Ted at Jobsanger says most Americans support LGBT protections.

Texas Standard reports on rampant wildlife smuggling in the state.

Grits for Breakfast reminds us that Miz Ann Richards was an Austin Hillary Clinton on criminal justice issues. (Those who know yours truly know what that means.)

Somervell County Salon returns to blogging.

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