April 20, 2018

Does "networking" really work?

You see networking for jobs touted as the best way to get them.

That said, some people who tout the idea, after telling you that 3 percent of jobs come from classifieds, will then at least have the honesty to admit they work best for sales people and similar.

But, that claim that almost no jobs come from classified ads stereotypes what counts as a "classified."

Beyond newspapers, and now, Monster, CareerBuilder and Craigslist, there are plenty of sources of classified ads.

National, regional and state chapters of professional organizations — like state newspaper organizations — have all sorts of industry-specific classifieds. Fraternities and sororities oriented to particular businesses may have some.

College alumni associations have job banks.

Indeed, professional orgs and alumni groups are the top two sources listed here. And networking, as normally understood, isn't on the list of top ten sources.

If a career counselor, whether with a state employment agency or a private individual provided to you as part of a downsizing severance, touts "networking" as a primary option, they're probably being lazy.

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