April 30, 2018

Cedar Hill: You can't yet vote the rascals out
but don't vote another one in!

First, I'm talking about the Dallas suburb, not the St. Louis exurb or other places.

Second, the rascals? Mayor Rob Franke and Councilman Chris Parvin, leaders behind this development scheme which benefits them and their cronies. More details about the land holdings behind the bond issue voted on last year for this here.

I'll admit that I'm surprised at Franke himself. I really shouldn't be. I'm not so surprised at other members of the Cedar Hill City Council who are mentioned. Nor at City Manager Greg Porter, who was a "yes man" when assistant city manager.

However, neither Franke nor Chris Parvin are up for re-election. Jami McCain is, but unopposed. Even worse, the city's planning and zoning commission chair, Chad McCurdy, wants to step up to the council, running against Valerie Banks, former CHISD trustee, and from what I remember of her, a decent school board member.

And, it's "interesting" that Franke stopped making potential land-holding conflict-of-interest disclosures in the same year, 2008, that the now-semi-tumbleweeds Uptown Village mall was under construction.

In addition, it's "interesting" that Franke's veneer of Christian piety appears to be just that and nothing more. I should have been more skeptical a decade ago, at the end of my journalism time there.

Next thing Cedar Hill needs is somebody to run against Franke when he comes up for re-election.


Update: Unfortunately, McCurdy one. And a reminder of past electoral shenanigans in the city.

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