March 02, 2018

#GunControl, gay rights — the #ReligiousRight
shoots itself in the long-term foot

Last year, according to a Gallup Poll survey, theistic evolutionists, by self-report, hit the same number as creationists. AND, pure naturalists on life development were up to nearly 20 percent.

Other surveys show that liberal Christians may actually outnumber the Religious Right and that "Nones" (who are NOT all, or nearly all, atheists — down, Gnu Atheists) continue to grow. I talked about that in a bit more detail in this post last year.

So, in all the talk about who's politicizing gun violence, surely the Religious Right, to the degree it writes blank checks to gun nutz in general, and at top fiscal levels, stays in bed with the NRA. Even in small towns, it surely bleeds a small drip to liberal Christianity, and maybe even a small drip to Nones, as it does this.

I mean, you're saying, you believe in a god who is omnipotent but can't stop the gun violence. Why? Not even Pat Robertson et al have gone down the road of claiming that gun violence, like AIDS, is god's punishment for sinners in America. They know where that would land.

That said, from my POV, liberal Christians, when we get past politics, face their own theodicy problems on this issue. If they really want to go down the road of "god's inscrutability," they come off as no better than fundamentalists. And, god isn't chastising the NRA at this point.

Gun control was the most obvious one a week ago.

But, Mike Huckabee's resignation from the board of the Country Music Association Foundation after just one day illustrates that in the country music world that infiltrates red states, gay rights is a big deal there, too. Oh, sure, the Religious Right can turn to gospel or contemporary Christian, but the idea that country music, even excluding "outlaw" country, is a conservative monolith, appears to be shattering for public viewing.

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