March 05, 2018

Berniecrats and foreign policy

On Assad, a good reminder that in the past, Bernie has been
part of the duopoly on most foreign policy ideas.
As we're now about to enter primary season in Texas, and soon in other states, just a note here, expanding on a couple of Tweets from last week.

I support Berniecrats calling out ConservaDems on weaknesses on domestic policy, such as health care and single payer, ignoring Dreamers, etc.

At the same time, said Berniecrats tend to ignore foreign policy issues. That starts with ignoring Bernie's own manifest weaknesses, such as his lust for F-35s, his support for much foreign policy adventurism outside of the Iraq War, his refusal to call out the Hillary Clinton-backed coup in Honduras, or the semi-coup at the Maidan in Ukraine sponsored by Barack Obama and Clinton-devotee hangers-on in the State Department and more.

I noted that and more just a month ago in reaction to the hint that Bernie might run for prez again in 2020. Hint back: I'm not enthused.

Now, state government candidates, the foreign policy is not a big deal. I'm not quite as worried as a David Bruce Collins here in Texas about Tom Wakely's foreign policy stances.

But, candidates for federal office? It's a totally legit issue. In the U.S. Senate race, Sema Hernandez sounds progressive enough on foreign policy issues.

But, there's also 36 U.S. House spots up for re-election. I'm sure that there's many alleged ProgressoDems who are candidates for these seats who are actually progressive on domestic policy but not foreign policy. Some may even be "Putin Did It" Russophobes.

They can be voted for in the primary but then pressured to become progressive on foreign policy issues.

Or, just like Beto O'Rourke if he gets the Senate nomination, or anybody besides Wakely getting the governor's nod, they, too can be undervoted in the general election.

Same applies outside Texas.


Some Berniecrats are now spinning from this, the fact that Bernie is part of the duopoly on foreign policy, to conspiracy theories. Namely, the claim is that the "Bernie Sanders" Twitter account, started for his presidential campaign, and separate from the "Sen. Sanders" account he already had in place before his presidential announcement, has been taken over by David Brock.

No, really! I saw it on Twitter, and responded with a quote Tweet (sorry, not showing the original):
Now, WHAT staff run it now, long after the presidential election, I don't know. Sanders Institute would be my first guess.

But, no, let's stop the conspiracy theories.

And, Berniecrats, let's try, per the photo at top, to learn about most of Bernie Sanders' actual foreign policy positions.

Knowing his position on BDS would be a good starting point.

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