August 01, 2017

TX Progressives call out the #txlege and wait for #SineDie

The Texas Progressive Alliance puts skinny lattes over skinny repeals as it brings you this week's roundup, while waiting for Joe Straus to call Greg Abbott’s bluff and just “sign, die!”

Off the Kuff looks at July campaign finance reports for Democratic Congressional challengers.

SocraticGadfly, looking over the battle to (apparently) kill Trumpcare, notes that insurers were only temporary allies, not friends of America, and remain bloodsucking leeches who are part of why true national health care in America needs a British-style NHS.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme calls out the so called pro-life Texas Republicans for drastically increasing the maternal death rate.  Now, they are going for more deaths.

Democrats appear to be suffering another severe outbreak of Jill Stein Derangement Syndrome, reports PDiddie at Brains and Eggs.

Neil at All People Have Value called upon all people to show up and fight back. APHV is part of

Ted at Jobsanger reminds us that Monday was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

Lewisville Texan Journal discusses the must-do of home cleaning before vacation.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

The Texas Living Waters Project highlights the activism of Janice Bezanson, who advocates for wise water use over the construction of reservoirs.

The Texas Trib notes how Reps. Lamar Smith (shock me) and Randy Weber now claim The environmentalists are pawns of Putin.

The TSTA Blog is not impressed with the Senate's "fake" pay raise for teachers.

Transgriot wants to hear more black voices in the coverage of the bathroom bill.

Better Texas Blog criticized John Cornyn and Ted Cruz for letting the Obamacare repeal debacle proceed.

Equality Texas urges pushback on Greg Abbott's efforts to make Republicans sign on to the House bathroom bills.

Paradise in Hell has some sage words about highway driving.

The Rivard Report was on hand when candles were lit for immigrants killed in smuggling gone bad.

Transgriot wants to hear more black voices fighting the bathroom bill, and blames the state media for not reaching out.

(Editor’s note: If the blogger really expects semi-GOP sycophant Helen Giddings to have a backbone on an issue like this …)

Katie Walsh sets the record straight about the authenticity of Tex-Mex.

(Editor’s note — the author of this blog, having grown up in New Mexico, knows Tex-Mex is second best, while not necessarily disagreeing with everything Ms. Walsh says.)

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