August 01, 2017

Brief political scattershooting on the national GOP

Don't get fooled by Jeff Flake, his new book, or its breathless excerpt at Politico.

He's still part of the problem.

And, I don't even need that link.

He voted for any and all versions of Trumpcare. Voted for all Obamacare repeals while Dear Leader was in office.

He is at least ahead of the curve on airing public laundry, but not a lot more than that.

That said, Barry Goldwater's original, which Flake plays off of, had its own bits of hypocrisy.

Barry wanted to privatize the Tennessee Valley Authority, but privatize the BuRec, Hoover Dam and Glen Canyon Dam? Not a word out of his mouth. Big.Fat.Hypocrite.


Also, Ken Buck wants to run from the murder scene even more hypocritically, with his "The GOP is dead" piece.

Gee, Ken, and not admit your part in the killing?

Besides you Freedom Caucus folks failing, the real failing is a failure to tell, and failure to face it. That's that people like some of those "entitlements," even in your largely white Congressional district. It's also that we don't need that much spending on our military.


Expect to see more rats scurrying off the ship in weeks and months ahead.

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