July 07, 2017

Donald Trump Obama meets Vladimir Putin Bush

So, after day one of the G20 summit, Donald Trump allegedly, according to Secretary of State Wayne Tracker, "pressed" Vladimir Putin on alleged Russian hacking of last year's U.S. elections — and then "moved on."

And, the MSM and the MSM commentariat class, like Politico and Anne Applebaum, is storming with fury.


Isn't this exactly what Dear Leader did in 2009? After having previously flip-flipped on warrantless snooping by telecommunications giants, just in time to get nice campaign finance money from them during the 2008 election, then said, even before taking office, that "we" (that wasn't ME in that "we") "need to look forward as opposed to looking backward."

And, hence the title of this piece.

Per the Politico piece, the parallels continue.

The weakness that Trump showed Putin? That's the weakness that Obama showed a defense of human rights.

The refusal to recognize the U.S. and Russia don't have similar interests? That's like Obama refusing to recognize that his mythos and his actions — in foreign as well as domestic policy — had different interests.

But, "look forward" meant the bipartisan foreign policy establishment saw that Obama wouldn't undercut American Empire.

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