July 07, 2017

Yglesias worships at the Church of Bernie Sanders; WTF?

Matty touts Bernie Sanders as the leading contender for the 2020 Democratic nomination. He says, in support, that Bernie is doing the things he wasn't prepared to do in 2016, and that he's building up an "organization." Interestingly, for this, he notes Our Revolution but never mentions the Sanders Institute.

He does mention one other item.

Bernie turning more conservative.

In fact, it makes up a major chunk of his think-piece. (Matt calls it "moderating." Besides "turning more conservative," I could also call it "sheepdogging," among other things.)

Of course, on foreign policy, Bernie was already too conservative for me.

That said, I don't buy that Bernie didn't have enough room, or more, enough time, to "pivot" to a broader campaign.

He started raking in money even before fighting Iowa to a draw. He could have hired a couple of foreign policy advisors right then to broaden beyond the Iraq War on outflanking Clinton. But, to do so, to really do so, he would have had to attack some of Team Obama's foreign policy.

And, that "turning more conservative"? Includes the Sanders Money Mafia in general, IMO, but that part is ultimately Jane's baby more than Bernie's.

Nice attempt to "frame" by Matt. But a fail.

Just as is calling Bernie "A true hero of the left." Hey, Matt, there may be "librulz," even "progressives," in the Democratic Party. The Left, though, is not to be found there.

Otherwise, he's gone more conservative. Especially on environmental issues. And, that's the main reason that I'll stay Green. (Assuming I'm in Texas in 2020 [please deliver me!], that the Greens don't have a successful ballot access petition drive in 2018, and that he's on the 2020 ballot, I couldn't even vote for him in the primary, unlike as I did last year.)

Sidebar: It's interesting that, according to the Y-ster, Nina Turner, not Sherrod Brown or Elizabeth Warren, is Berniecrats' most-wanted backup to Bernie if he doesn't run himself.

Apparently many are either ignorant of, or willing to forgive and forget, her 18 months or whatever at Hillary Clinton / David Brock shop Correct the Record.

That said, per this piece in The Nation, she's positioned herself well, being named the new president of Our Revolution.

I'm not a Dem, so no skin off my back on her or Bernie. That said, it's interesting The Nation's writer calls out Our Revolution for spending plenty of money in the Montana special congressional election but not the Kansas one.


The second part of the header? WTF is the deliberately named Win the Future. But, it deserves the WTF, as in WTF? for two things.
1. Thinking that many Democrats are that guillible for its message, its model and its leadership.
2. Likely being right about that, that many of them are that gullible.

WTF is the brainchild of two tech-neolibs. Marc Pincus co-founded old Facebook game addiction Zynga and Reid Hoffman co-founded LinkedIn.

In otherwords, Obamiacs. Is there really THAT MUCH diff between that group and Hillbots? I'd argue not.

I'm tying this together for a couple of basic reasons.

First, would Bernie be hip enough for these folks? Besides his not having a Clinton/Obama type organizational ground game, frankly, he got grating later. And, even with a broader expanse of topics, he remained grating.

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C. Marie Byars said...

This is a little different than, yet tangentially related to, your point. I didn't know if you'd seen this particular item cropping up. Sometimes it's the things around the edges that suggest the big things that could happen in the future... though this could just signal a big explosion rather than a return to more progressive taxes.