June 28, 2017

CP3 — who wins this trade? Clips, perhaps?

CP3, newest Rocket
OK, first, the big news that Chris Paul of the Clippers is being traded to the Houston Rockets for Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and a first-round draft pick.

Per Deadspin, is the trade actually worth it? First, contra Deadspin, throw out Williams' offense. Almost all of that came with his Lakers time last year, on a team where somebody, theoretically, had to score. Beverly is a good add, and I'll look at that in a minute. Dekker is there for, I believe salary match on the trade and little else.

Adrian Wojnarowski said that both CP3 and The Beard, James Harden, insist they can co-exist. Maybe they can. But, maybe CP3 is past his prime. I think he is now, although not by much. He certainly will be in 2-3 years, after that fat new free agent contract. So, was this all a Morley deal? Or did Mike D'Antoni beg for it?

Will The Beard coexist
with Paul? Will it help
the Rockets be better?
I doubt that D'Antoni really asked for this trade, unless his eyeballs are failing him. CP3 is going to slow down that offense. I mean, he's 31 and has already played 12 seasons.

Five-Thirty-Eight says they should work decently together, but doesn't expect much of a boost for the Rockets.

For the Clips? First, resign Blake Griffin or not? Trade DeAndre Jordan or not?

Blake still has value. I'd try to keep the deal as short as possible, but do it. Jordan is a boat anchor; it's going to be hard to move him and get a lot in return. Teach him to be a better screener for Beverly and Williams and accept you're otherwise stuck with him.

From there, you can still make the playoffs next year, even if you're outside the top four in the West. See how much Beverly offers; he'll definitely give you some defense that Paul wouldn't.

And, in a year from now, you have two first-round draft picks. Package them right, and you're rebuilding OK.

Otherwise, they can now pass on guaranteeing Jamal Crawford past next year, unless he accepts a cut.

So, the Rockets win this trade for the short term. For the long term, especially since Doc Rivers no longer has final say-so on trades? Clips win. And, speaking of, how much impact did The Logo have on this deal?

Speaking of, supposedly the last straw for CP3 was Doc refusing a Knicks offer of Carmelo Anthony plus Sasha Vujacic for Jamal, Doc's son Austin and Paul Pierce.

That said, Michael Eaves, in addition to "last straw" observations, says that CP3 now has Morley's nuts in his hand. Interesting thought.

These 1- and 2-year deals in general are going to try NBA fans' loyalty to their laundry vs loyalty to players.

Next for the Rockets. Are they still in on Paul George? And, what do you trade? I think Clint Capela has to be a part of the Pacers' ask. Otherwise, is there enough left to trade? If the Pacers ask for Eric Gordon, yes or no?

And, finally, the Spurs. Are THEY still in on Gordon?

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